One of the primary things I do in my role with Brocade is I travel worldwide, and meet with our mainframe customers-customers with ESCON, FICON, or our channel extension/distance connectivity solutions.

One of the things I often do is teach 1 of 2 workshops I have put together over the years.  I continually refine these and add/update the content.  The first workshop is on Mainframe I/O and FICON performance.  The second is on ESCON to FICON migration. 

Both workshops are based on the content I have developed in my papers and articles the last several years.  The syllabus/brief description is included below for each workshop.

If you would like to schedule one of the workshops, please send me an email at

Mainframe I/O FICON Performance Workshop

1) Using FICON CUP and RMF 74-7 (FICON Director Activity Report) Records

2) Flow Control and Buffer to Buffer Credit Basics

3) FOS Extended Fabrics and Buffer Credit Recovery

4) FICON Open Exchanges and the anatomy of a FICON I/O

5) Quality of Service (QoS) in FICON environments (including WLM and IRD)

6) Services Oriented Infrastructures

7) MIDAWS and HyperPAVs

8) Extended Distance FICON

9) High Performance FICON (zHPF)

10) What is 4 Gbps FICON really doing for me?

11) Cascaded FICON link management

12) Long distance extension performance

13) zLinux, FICON/FCP Intermix, and Virtual Fabrics

14) IBM’s Mainframe Storage strategy, Z10 and FICON

15) Software that can help manage performance